Friday, September 25, 2009

Twilight - chuckle and think

The chuckle: inspired by this new (and let's face it, pretty much shameless! cover for a US edition of Wuthering Heights:

...the same blog which featured the above cover snark then ran a contest for Twilight-ized covers of whatever you fancied... and the winner was this:

Excellently amusing.  You can view all the entries here, (but might find a couple unworksafe).  Hmmm.  Does this contest have school library potential?  Maybe so... (and elsewhere on this blog, in what is, sometimes to my chagrin, the most popular single entry EVAH, you'll find info on Twilight fonts).
While you may intially blench at a blog called SmartBitchesTrashyBooks (the one which ran the above contest), don't sniff too fast.  Among the romance reviews, there's some well-thought-out commentary on teenage fiction, among other things, and reviews of e-book readers (more than I've found in any one other place).  They're also quite often very quick to raise/alert one to book/publishing related issues.  OK, and I'm usually very amused when they snark romance novel covers (which as you might expect are oh-so-snarkable, billowing shirts and mullets and so forth). 

The think: Laura Miller's article on, Touched by a vampire, written around the time when Breaking Dawn was published, is a really well-thought out analysis of the appeal of Twilight - Bella's blandness (leaving room for the reader to insert herself), Edward's perfection:  Even to a reader not especially susceptible to its particular scenario, Twilight succeeds at communicating the obsessive, narcotic interiority of all intense fantasy lives.

Worth reading.



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Sarah said...

I chuckled too when I saw it Borders the other day!!

Love your blog!! Enjoy your holidays!!