Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Advance look at Catching Fire (sequel to The Hunger Games)

I've had a waiting list for this for months - lots of readers of The Hunger Games wanting to find out what happens next... (I did a blog entry about The Hunger Games here.)
It's out soon, but if you want to read or listen to a chapter of Suzanne Collins' next book in the trilogy, in advance, NPR in the US has Chapter Two here. (which was also the source of the picture above).

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Karen and James said...

Hey Ruth

Just finished reading my copy - I think your readers will really enjoy it. It really ramps up the 'who will she choose - Peeta or Gale?' issue and creates even more tension as the Capitol threatens everyone she loves.

The final chapter left me wishing that she would hurry up and release the final book in the trilogy!

Happy Reading!