Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Laptops, Day 4: so kids, what do you think?

Before the end of term on Friday this week, the school has decided to survey the students to see how they're going with their laptops at this early stage.  A couple of classes did this as a group talkytalky exercise in class this morning; on the basis of that, I refined the survey to fine-tune some questions, and every year 9 student has been given the opportunity to participate via email.

Here are the questions we've asked - they are open-ended by design, to give room for a variety of answers (although I know it's more time-consuming to collate):
  • These are things I like about my laptop:
  • These are things I don’t like about my laptop:
  • These are things that haven’t worked:
  • Please note any of these that have been fixed, and if so how (eg. teacher advice, TSO assistance, a friend helped me, it worked the next time I tried it):
  • These are sites/software I would like to have unblocked:
    • Schoolwork related:
    • Personal interest (eg. MySpace, MSN):
  • The school guidelines (outlined on Friday) were clear? Yes / No / Mostly
    • If you chose No or Mostly, please add what could be done to improve them:
  • Is there anything else that you think should be added to the school guidelines?
  • I have used my laptop in class in the following subjects:
  • With my laptop, I hope that I can: (if you mention replacing books, please be specific –eg. workbooks, textbooks)
  • If I was in charge of the laptop program for the Department of Education, I would:
 As we speak, replies are rolling into my inbox.  I kinda sorta hope all 200+ of them don't feel compelled to reply...

From the talkytalky this morning, the most popular answer to the final question after "unblock sites like MSN and My Space" was, interestingly, let people have them in any colour they want: which is a marked lack of enthusiasm for a perfectly pleasant metallic red and faintly bewildering in that they are free to personalise their laptops with stickers etc, so they can cover up the offending red.  (Kids.  Some days they're shallow enough to paddle in, aren't they??!!).



PS If you use or base a survey on the list above, can you please credit its source?  Thank you.

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