Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Anticipated reading/book covers

There are a couple of books I have on order for myself (not the library) and am eagerly looking forward to reading when they're published.  Or rather, when they're published and I have a copy in my hands.  Likely to be the upcoming holidays, VERY nice timing.

The covers form an interesting insight into how one book can look quite different in different markets.

UK covers (the usual ones in Australia, unless you order other editions specially, either at a bookshop or online):

US covers for the same two books:

Would you think them the same books?

And why is it that I find myself preferring one over another, when the INSIDES are the same (bar American English spelling vs English English spelling)???  I'm also amused that one set is blue and black, sorta kinda, while the other set is black and blue, sorta kinda.

I've read the rest of the Gabaldon Outlander series, and have been looking forward to book seven (the first book is Cross Stitch if you want the UK edition, or Outlander for the US one) so this one I'm not likely to dislike - it's a pretty safe bet for me.

The Time Traveler's Wife is one of my favourite books, but Niffenegger has such an original imagination that while I wouldn't not read Her Fearful Symmetry, I'm not sure what to expect.  And I do hope I enjoy it too.

Both are due out in Australia in early October, just in time for the NSW school holidays, hurrah hurray!

i LOVE reading! too. (as per yesterday's blog entry).  And the other books by these authors have taken me great places, intriguing story-journeys.



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