Friday, September 25, 2009

The happy life of teacher librarians: unavailable for spooks and spirits

A troop of five or so boys, from Year 7 or maybe, but less likely, Year 8, accosted me at lunchtime.



Can we borrow a paper cup?

And why would you be wanting that?

(He brandishes a piece of paper, somewhat folded/squished, with some sort of boxes/writing sketched rather roughly on it)

We've made a ouija board.


Yes.  (The spokesboy looks a tad embarrassed by this, but the rest look hopeful)

I'm so sorry boys, but the library's been [my brain scrabbles for the correct term, which is eluding me.  I settle for a substitute, meanwhile pasting an appropriately regretful expression on my face] sanitised, I'm afraid, so ouija boards won't work in here.

Oh.  Oh well.  (He scrunches up the piece of paper, tosses it in a bin, and accepting my words at face value they head out of the library cheerfully enough in search of alternative entertainment to fill in the rest of the lunch break).

The happy life of teacher librarians - minus the spirit world!



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