Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Twilight fonts

If you're after the fonts used in Twilight, particularly the title one (Zephyr),
here's a link with downloadable zip files of each of the four above from one of the largest Twilight fansites.  
It also has instructions for unzip/installation.
Could be useful for signage/display purposes in the library.
The picture above is a cropped screenshot of the page: http://bellaandedward.com/funfonts.php
Edited to add: that page now includes the Alice Cullen font too - so follow the link above for all five fonts.
Further edited to add: a commenter has said that Zephyr is no longer available on that page, but can be purchased from fonts.com.  Be aware that the internet is dynamic: this blog entry was written in July 2008, and links that are correct then can of course change.  There just isn't time or reason to check all the links in this blog.  I'm too busy finding new ones! 
Breaking News: try this link, as it has the Twilight cover font for downloading, plus several others.


Evangeline said...

thx for the info!
by the way.. do you have the link that has a Twilight font? (the movie one)

Anonymous said...

theres no twilight font there!!! pls help me find a twilight font pls.!!!

Ruth Buchanan said...

@ evangeline: this is the only link I have - but isn't the movie one the same as the book cover? Zephyr?

@ anonymous: the image link didn't go to the page, but the other links did. I've edited the image link so it too takes you to the bellaandedward site. Fixed. Try again.

Anonymous said...

Zephyr isn't included on the page anymore, but you can buy it at fonts.com

Unknown said...

I found it on Mediafire if you wanna download it.