Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Post No. 401

Just thought I'd note that in less than two years this blog is up to 400 posts.  Not bad going!  Given that I only dip my toe in the many possibilities for school libraries and teacher librarians, it's mindboggling to think how much is out there to discover and deploy.
It's also rather nice to think of all those ideas shared rather than hoarded - just  lovely to think of other schools trying some of the ideas from here, of the kids enjoying them and the TLs enjoying the kids' pleasure/success/progress and the changes in their libraries.  It can only be good.  Thank you to all who read, comment and share ideas.
I'm guessing most of you have come to this blog over time.  I went back to look at my first entry, back in February 2008, and it's still apt:


I keep tripping over useful stuff on the net that's worth a) having in one spot so *I* can find it again and b) having in one spot so others can find it if they wish to.

Being a teacher librarian is a great job. It's changed so much in twenty-coughcough years, but it's still a great job. Just not enough time to sit and drink Diet Coke and read the newspaper, like people seem to think you do, but hey, every job has its cliches.

(Dang, I'm working the bun and glasses thing today - only it's too hot to not have your hair out of the way, and the glasses are a genetic gift from Grandpa. Can't win 'em all...).

So welcome to my virtual office. Pull up a pew. Post a comment. Share useful things you've found that I can add here for other teacher librarians. But bring your own Diet Coke...! And if you were in my real office, you could dig into the jellybean jar. Jellybean diplomacy is damn fine stuff.
I went to Ikea this evening, and there are SO MANY ideas there, lots of them inexpensive, that school libraries could use.  No, I'm not paid anything by Ikea: that's an unsponsored observation from a long-time fan of their design creativity and often ingenious solutions.  The latest catalogue is out and you can browse it here.  One of the 'co-workers' at Ikea told me that they had 25,000 people through the Rhodes/Homebush Bay [Sydney] store last Sunday - by gosh that's a lot! (glad I wasn't there then!).
PS.  Yes, I did buy a couple of things for school this evening.  Surely you're not surprised?!

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