Thursday, September 24, 2009

The happy life of teacher librarians: in which I think I am put in my place

Helpful email from teacher librarian:

Dear Year 7 Students,
As you know, you have a Music assignment coming up, on Musical Instruments. As part of this assignment you need to prepare a bibliography.
To help you with this, you will find in the attached file the library information sheet on how to prepare a bibliography. It tells you how do this for all sorts of resources, including websites as well as books.
You can use the format in this information sheet to make a bibliography for any school subject, not just Music.
If you have any questions, check with your Music teacher or Ms Buchanan in the library.
We also have some musical instrument books set aside in the library to help you - these are being kept behind the desk for library use only, so they are available for everyone.
All the best with your assignment!
Ms Buchanan

Prompt reply from a Year 7 student:

thanks miss and guess what i know how to already

She's a sweet girl, and I like her confidence.  And am chuckling at being put in my place!!!

The happy life of teacher librarians: remember that if you email them, they may email back!



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Fiona said...

Love it! My daughter will be in Year 7 next year. So far, she has no idea about bibliographies at all. I hope that by this time next year she is just as confident as your friend!