Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Skulduggery Pleasant Book 4: it's EARLY!

I've had a waiting list for this book since last April (2009):

It wasn't due out till April 2010, but it arrived at our excellent local independent bookshop early, and they phoned me to let me know (see what I mean by excellent?).  There are several very happy borrowers as a result.

Skulduggery Pleasant book 5 will be out in September 2010 - yes, this is a double Skulduggery year - and Skulduggery Pleasant book 6 a year later, in September 2011 (according to the information at the back of this one).



PS. I now have a waiting list for Skulduggery Pleasant book 5.  Of course!

PPS. IMDB still shows the Skulduggery Pleasant film as having a 2010 release, but as it's in development, early days by the look of it, I'd not be holding my breath.


Fiona said...

My nine-year-old son is almost finished book 1 "the best book ever". He read your post over my shoulder with great interest. I think he wants to go to your school!

Dannii said...

Just bought book 5 today. Can't wait for book 6 and I haven't even read book 5 yet. Not really getting overly excited about the movie, though, since I've been excited about films before (like The Vampire's Assistant) and was sorely disappointed.

I liked your post :)