Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Periodic Table made real

From the wonderful resource that is the SLAV blog, Bright Ideas (over there in my bloglist too, so check them out anytime you are visiting Skerricks to see their latest entry), comes the link to this resource, which not only shows the periodic table:

but also shows you what these elements are used for.  Bismuth, anyone?

It's one of the free resources offered by BP - they have a browsable catalogue of secondary level resources here with a focus on Business, Geography and Science (and aligned to UK curricula).  Maybe one to send on to your teachers in those areas?  If you want a site with more specific technical detail on elements, ChemiCool has some ads, but also comprehensive data.

A Science teacher pal who reads Skerricks and has more than once pointedly pointed out that I'm a bit light on in the Science-y stuff, should be happy as a pig in mud now!  Look!! Authentic real Science-y entry, right here!



PS.  Couldn't help myself....  ;-)


Fiona said...

Ruthenium? Really? :)

Ruth Buchanan said...

Yup, Ruthenium. But named after the discoverer's country, Russia (not, after all, me. Ah well...!)