Tuesday, March 9, 2010

GIFSL* 52: computer furniture on the cheap

Our enquiry terminals upstairs were on rather ratty old study carrel tables (the sort with a veneered wooden top, probably graffiti'ed, and a wooden back, ditto, from earlier service elsewhere).  We wanted to spruce, and have something occupying a bit less space.

Ah, you only have to say the words 'library' and 'furniture' in the same sentence, and you're usually looking at significant dollar signs.  Our budget doesn't stretch to significant dollar signs... 

What about two enquiry terminal stands for under $160 in total?  If you think laterally... I was on the hunt for a while for a solution.  And here it is:

Ikea thinks they're kitchen trolleys, but I didn't think they had to be just that... the lower shelf is an easy spot for the thin client terminal to live, there's enough space on the top for monitor, keyboard and mouse, and they are the right height for standing, doing the enquiry and moving on (rather than sitting and hogging).  Sure, you have to self-assemble, but they weren't too hard to do.  We just varnished them (satin, two coats, sanding between each), thinking that while paint might be fun, it was likely to be more susceptible to inadvertent dings.  They don't LOOK like kitchen trolleys (at least, nobody's commented on that), they're sturdy and they do the job just fine and dandy.

Ikea Bekvam kitchen trolleys are $79 each at Ikea in Sydney.  Check your local, as I know Ikea prices can have some regional variation.



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