Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Children's Book Council of Australia 2010 Shortlist

Find it here.

Initial reactions:
  1. the older readers list titles (most relevant for a high school library) aren't ones yet that have garnered much of a following among my kids - they've been in the collection for varying amounts of time, but none have yet set the world on fire.  Hmmm.  I'll cherrypick from the picture books and information books lists with my high schoolers in mind.
  2. I could sit here and reformat the list for publication on this blog as I've done in other years (A), or I could leave school at a respectable hour (B).
  3. (B).  It's been a wet day, madly busy, a lunchtime that was crammed in the library, computer breakdowns all day.   You're all well able to click a link, aren't you?  Ciao!



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Fiona said...

Ugggh - wet days in schools are horrible :)