Thursday, March 4, 2010

The happy life of teacher librarians: I'm not making this up...

So, Sally*, how goes it?
Fine miss.  A bit tired.
Been working in my mum's pie shop.
Good pies?
Really good pies.  Chunks of steak or chicken, she makes them all herself.  Good pasta bakes too.
Sounds yummy.  Is she in a group of shops [she's told me the suburb]?
Oh yes.  Upstairs is a gym, there's a pizza shop and others, and next door is a funeral parlour.  My grandparents own that.
[she grins]
I bet you're over the Sweeney Todd jokes....
Yes, miss [she grins again]

Just another vignette from the happy life of teacher librarians.


who shamefacedly admits to having lost her appetite for just a moment there...

*which might be her name, but isn't.

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