Thursday, March 11, 2010

GIFSL* 53: Signage: Welcome to fiction

Here's the fiction section one recent afternoon, at the end of the day.  A class has just been in for reading and borrowing, which explains the books on the table.  I'm always pleased to see them disarranged like this, not neatly as I set them out at the start of the period, because it means they've been looked at, picked over, and, for some, borrowed.  (That's why I didn't tidy them before taking the photo - the 'birdseed' caught some 'birds', ha!).  The array put out depends on the class/year group and if the teacher is focusing on a particular genre or topic.

I wanted to improve that back wall.  The Harry Potter hanging cubes were looking a bit faded from being there for a couple of years, and I still had a couple of Welcome signs from a foray to Reverse Garbage - the same aqua style as that in the reading retreat downstairs, near the library entrance foyer.  Took them home for a wash (as they used to be street signs, hanging in Sydney streets with traffic and weather and so forth) and one of my school assistants sewed hanging sleeves on the back top of each.  Two dowel rods, a couple of hooks...

Better, I think.  I like the message for our library users, and the repetition of it.

I utterly understand that this was a lucky find, and you may not be able to have exactly the same banners.  But they are makeable, with fabric; or you could use preprimed canvases, such as those we've used for our major area signs.  And keep your eyes open for things with library potential, because there are lots to be found, in places like Reverse Garbage, and op shops, and garage sales, and things you see in other libraries, and the world all around.



*GIFSL good ideas for school libraries

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Dorothy said...

Revamp the library - I had some time (carnival day) and willing helpers. Ikea specials, Spotlight fabric bargains, a heap of inspiration and hard work.We covered the daggy split benches, re-organised the shelving to free up a wall (smartboard coming), and staple gunned our little hearts out. The reaction from the children makes it all worthwhile. Checking out Ruth Skerricks blog Skerricks: GIFSL* 53: Signage: Welcome to fiction spurred me on. I ve just read her 'bargains' post and noticed the way she's arranged the chairs. - Ill be trying it asap. Immitation is the highest form of flattery they say. I do wonder 'how does she find the time'.????
Thank you for sharing.