Saturday, March 20, 2010

The 500th entry

Hard to believe, but a couple of years after starting this blog, this is the 500th entry.  I've canvassed useful stuff online, the happy life of teacher librarians, books to love and lots more.  What began as a way to catch things for myself has evolved into a resource for others too.  Which is lovely.

I went back to hunt up my first entry.  Hmmm.  I've stayed on track with my original idea, one way and another.  With some entertaining detours.

Friday, February 1, 2008


I keep tripping over useful stuff on the net that's worth a) having in one spot so *I* can find it again and b) having in one spot so others can find it if they wish to.

Being a teacher librarian is a great job. It's changed so much in twenty-coughcough years, but it's still a great job. Just not enough time to sit and drink Diet Coke and read the newspaper, like people seem to think you do, but hey, every job has its cliches.

(Dang, I'm working the bun and glasses thing today - only it's too hot to not have your hair out of the way, and the glasses are a genetic gift from Grandpa. Can't win 'em all...).

So welcome to my virtual office. Pull up a pew. Post a comment. Share useful things you've found that I can add here for other teacher librarians. But bring your own Diet Coke...! And if you were in my real office, you could dig into the jellybean jar. Jellybean diplomacy is damn fine stuff.

What would I like as a present?

Comments from readers (sometimes one does wonder if one is writing into a vacuum - and then you get a lovely comment, and sigh with pleasure at knowing the tree falling in the forest really is heard!).  Yup, you.

So if you want to say what's useful, which entry has been your favourite, or just hello - leave a comment, and that will make this 500th entry rightfully special.

Thank you for reading this blog!  Now for the next 500...



PS.  It occurs to me that if I'd written the number of words in this blog for a novel instead...I'd probably have at least a decent first draft.  But this has just been a different sort of story.  Differently fun.  Also fun.  No regrets!  And I can still work on novels too, if I wish.

PPS. Just for the archives, the stats as of today: 69,226 visitors according to one counter (the number on a counter depends of course when you added it to your site &tc).  20 Bloglines readers, 23 Followers in Blogger, 118 bookmarks of the home page on Delicious, Technorati authority 128.   A couple of other snapshots of visitors:

and the same map with smaller dots:

Hmmm.  Anytime I find myself muttering Interdum feror cupidine partium magnarum Europae vincendarum I can remind myself it's been done...!!


Shane Symonds said...

Well, 500 down and how many more to go? Long may you continue to inspire us, though I share your frustration (?) with at times not knowing if what you say is just for yourself - not that there's anything wrong with that! - or if there are other voices out there.

Anyway, I enjoy what you have to say, Ruth. You continue to both inspire and annoy (I wish I'd thought of that first!). Keep it up.

Regards, Shane

Tehani Wessely said...

Ruth, I couldn't pick just one post! I really enjoy reading your blog (by RSS mostly, so I don't always contribute to your stats!) and I have to say the GIFSL is my favourite part of it. You are so creative and your generosity in sharing your ideas is wonderful, so thanks. And happy 500th post!

Momo said...

Congratulations on reaching 500. Your blog is so inspiring. I would be sad to think Teachers still think any TLs just sit and read books and drink coffee or diet coke all day!!

I reached 100 on my blog this year. Posting once a week is all I can manage so I am in total awe of your output and inspirational pages.

Keep up the good work it is not going into a vacuum! You keep me on my toes.

scrupo said...

Congratulations on reaching 500 posts! That's very impressive.

I just wanted to comment to let you know that every morning when I boot up my computer, your blog is one of the first things I look at. I've found so many fantastic ideas and resources through you, so thank you very much. You've definitely inspired me to keep my blog going.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the lovely mix of light-hearted and GIFSL inspiration!

Keryn said...

Hi Ruth, Happy 500th post! I read your blog every week and admire the creativity and energy in your library. I especially like the GIFSL posts and the "heads-up" on movies based on books. Thanks for your generosity in sharing your ideas. Keryn