Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mirror writing

Sometime, for any one of a number of reasons, you may want to have a piece of text, or a library sign, or part of a display, in mirror writing (ie. when you look at it in the mirror it's readable).

Easy peasy! she says, having had to discover how this past week.

I particularly wanted to use quirky fonts, from my selection garnered from Scrapvillage (I've mentioned this site before - lots of great TrueType fonts there to download) and this way, I can.

  • O-kay.  Write your text in a Word document. 
  • Copy it. 
  • Paste it into Paint (Windows/Accessories). 
  • Choose the dropdown menu for Image, then Flip/Rotate.
  • Choose Flip Horizontal.
  • Save your image (suggest you choose .jpg for a smaller file than the default .bmp)

Lots of possibilities: signs, puzzles, whatever you can imagine.  By using more involved/elaborate fonts you can get harder-to-puzzle out mirror writing.


Anonymous said...

This saved me!! I was wondering how to create a mirrored font for a spy birthday party invite for my son... fantastic and so easy.


Anonymous said...

I seached the web over 3 days.Tried several technics mentioned to convert text for my daughters Mystery party invite to mirrored text!This by far was the easiest and best! Thank-You