Monday, August 18, 2008

Updates: Black Google and Twilight film

Thanks to a couple of commenters - here's some additional info.

There are apparently a number of versions of black google around, and Cleanblack is one that allows you to play a little with colours.

Twilight film release date: with the Harry Potter film pushed by the distributors from a November 2008 release to a July 2009 release (to be a 'tentpole summer film' or some such - but the fans are squealing as you may well imagine), the distributors of Twilight have jumped into this convenient 'hole' and have moved the US release date for the Twilight film from December to 21 November 2008.  At the moment the Australian release date appears to be the same as it has been thus far, 9 January 2009: but perhaps the HP change will have a knock-on effect here too.  The Internet Movie Database (imdb) page is usually a reliable source of release date info (although it hasn't yet caught up with the Twilight change, it will).  Twilight's imdb page is here, with worldwide release dates.

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