Thursday, August 21, 2008

Patchwork of ideas on the window

This is a library display I've done for a couple of years now, and it works well each time.  The school has an annual week when special activities take place, and this is one way in which the library contributes.  Each time there is a theme - this year's was about "respect".   In Publisher, I made up a six-form to the page sheet with "I RESPECT" and three categories, which we photocopied onto different coloured papers.  Every student received one to fill in and return during roll call.
After (ahem) some necessary editing, we then put them up on the library windows for the week, for everyone to read and enjoy.  They do get read, a lot - not just kids looking for their own ones, but kids reading the contributions of others.  It's kinda sorta like having thoughts made visible, a patchwork of ideas.  Staff complete forms too, and their contributions are added to the display.
These windows are most often used for general school announcements and so forth, so it's good to change things around.  And sometimes very funny to read students' ideas!

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