Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Tale of Desperaux trailer

As promised, details of another book being made into a movie and coming soon.
Your library may have a copy of The Tale of Desperaux by Kate Decamillo and Timothy Basil Ering.  There's an animated film of it opening in Australia on Boxing Day.

Here's the trailer link:

and the imdb entry is here.  Lots of big names in the voice cast, and as you'll see from the trailer, a different look to the charming animation.

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Silky said...

I loved reading this book - especially the language and imagery it evoked (like an old-fashioned fairytale).

I just hope this film doesn't 'Americanise' or 'dumb it down' like it has done to other exquisitely-written stories.

You just can't beat a well-written piece of children's fiction!!