Monday, August 25, 2008

Accreditation: Accomplishment/Leadership (NSW Institute of Teachers)

From the NSW Institute of Teachers:

Accreditation processes at the higher levels of Professional Accomplishment and Professional Leadership are now available. Accreditation at these levels is voluntary and will recognise the talents and expertise of outstanding teachers in all NSW schools.

A quote from the Evidence Guide for Professional Accomplishment:

Teachers working at Professional Accomplishment are:
  • recognised by their peers and colleagues as outstanding practitioners across all aspects of classroom practice and associated professional activities
  • able to maximise the learning of their students, and assist peers and colleagues to do likewise, using their outstanding depth of knowledge and highly effective teaching skills as described in the Standards
  • able to use, and support peers and colleagues to use, consistently effective and varied teaching activities to elicit high levels of student engagement
  • able to provide support and advice for colleagues as a result of the oustanding quality of their teaching practice and through their contribution to the school and educational community
  • active in helping to establish the porfessional environment which maximises the professional practice opportunities of colleagues and learning of students

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Read more at the NSW Institute of Teachers site here.

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