Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Parallel importing/the Australian book market (and a teeny rant at the end)

Books in Australia aren't cheap, and the internet gives us access to know this more than ever before.  As teacher librarians, our budgets aren't large, and every cent counts.

There are discussions going on about the book market in Australia, in relation to parallel importing.

Read Garth Nix's letter about it here, and Justine Larbalestier's blog entries Preventing the destruction of Australian publishing and The problem of being a small English-speaking country to be aware of the pros and cons from the perspective of these Australian authors.

Found out about this one from reading Justine Larbalestier's entertaining blog.  She and her author husband, Scott Westerfeld (see yesterday's blog entry) live a bi-summeral life between New York and Sydney.  See?  Lots of things you can learn from blogs.

Also, while I'm talking books, as this teacher librarian blog seems to a lot: why is it that the techno-TLs (if they want to use an old fashioned term like 'teacher librarian' at all) rarely if ever talk about books, specifically fiction?  I'd much rather have the narratives of skilful writers than the burblings of Second Lifers, and never once do I mistake the magazine-readingness of most blogs for the engagement of a fiction narrative.  I'm no Luddite - as I think I've said in this blog before - but I wonder why the techno-TLs ignore fiction as they seem to do?  Does it scare them?  Don't they see how hungry human beings are, bone-deep, for stories?

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mizliberryan said...

"Don't they see how hungry human beings are, bone-deep, for stories?"

Yes! So aptly stated.
Miz Liberryan