Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Year 7's questions

I've been doing Year 7 library orientations this term.  Several questions arise:
  1. Why are there no men library staff?
  2. Why did you paint the wall purple?
  3. Can I really borrow every day?
  4. Where are the Star Wars books/Guinness Book of Records/Choose your own adventure books/Dolly magazines/and so on?
  5. Why do you have flags hanging from the ceiling?
  6. Why is the box for returns pink?
...and so on.  It's an illuminating window.  My favourite so far (when I was 3/4 of the way through the copiously illustrated PowerPoint highlighting features and services of the library):
  • Miss, is this nearly finished yet? I want to borrow a book now.
And the answers?
  1. Not here, but there are in other places
  2. Why not?  Isn't it beautiful now?
  3. Yes, and any mix you like of fiction and nonfiction
  4. Directions given as needed, note taken of their interests.
  5. Because we can
  6. See 5.
  7. Yes, and you can, very soon.  But it's probably not polite to ask me that, sweetie.
Of such small amusements are our days made.  Gotta love the energy and enthusiasm and (well, sometimes) innocence of Year 7 kids.

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