Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good ideas for school libraries: 3. Readers as heroes

As you walk upstairs to fiction, there's a long row of readers.  This is one year 7 class whose teacher brought them to the library to borrow fiction.  Other classes are coming, and will be photographed, and the photos in the frames will be replaced with new ones.  The kids have pored over these too - where am I?  where's my friend? Some weren't thrilled about being photographed, they said, but they've still gone looking... The colours are those we've used in the foyer, so they are visually linked to other parts of the library.
What you need: a digital camera (photos were printed at Big W for 12c/print on special, but even at 19c/print, the usual price around the place, this isn't pricey (and is cheaper than printing yourself).  Frames: Ikea (3 for $1.50 - plain pine, dirt cheap).  Paint: the folk art acrylic paints we have used in the foyer (they're about $4.50 per pot).  We did use a trigger tacker/staple gun and string to put stronger hangers on the back through which we could string more string to prevent individual ones going missing (we have nasty suspicious minds).  Stick-on velcro to attach them to the wall (bought from Bunnings' hardware, about $12 for the pack, I think).  The next round will only cost the price of the photos (less than $6).
The faces have been smudged, for privacy reasons.

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