Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good ideas for school libraries: 13. What is your library's message?

Slideshare has a bunch of Powerpoints - worth trawling through to see what you might find. This one certainly has ideas worth thinking about in relation to the school library and the messages we send, eg:
  • How many signs in your field of vision at the entrance?
  • What is the readability of our font choices? 
  • How do we format library messages, whether signs/emails/documents?
  • How does your library accommodate different learning styles?
  • How consistent is the message of your library?

I was talking to a fellow teacher who's at a different school Somewhere In NSW.  There, the teacher librarian posts the overdue notices on the library entrance door.  Using large fonts, and highlighting and so forth.  What sort of message is that to encourage library use, or even getting anywhere near the library door, let alone through it?  It must surely deter potential borrowers and would it be effective on the miscreants?  What is the value of the message's purpose as against its effects (intended and unintended)?
I know our library's a long way from perfect, but you can learn from so many places.

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