Friday, March 13, 2009

Hello & the happy life of teacher librarians

The blog stats have gone crazy today - hundreds of visitors!  Many from the UK.  I'd be interested to know if you've been prompted by another blog post, or a mention on a mailing list or something - leave a comment, would you?  Was is the brilliant ideas that got you in?  The entertaining/useful content?  How did you come to visit?  Welcome!
The happy life of teacher librarians.
Young teaching colleague: "I've only known two cool teacher librarians."
Me (wondering): "Oh?"
YTC: "And you're one of them."
Me (relieved): "Thank you."
YTC: "You drop everything to help anyone, and you run the school assemblies well."
Me: "Thanks!"
Food for thought, for me.  I do try to help when I can.  I've run the weekly whole-school assembly here for most of the years I've been at this school.  It's useful PR for the library, and shows a wider teaching role and involvement in the school for me as teacher librarian; and I'm not much worried by microphones (although I never thought, when I was at high school, that one day I'D be Mr Nelson, who ran assemblies there to a standard I hope one day to reach).  Still, it's good to get a view of your work from outside, and see what is noticed.
(It's most amusing to be cool, middle-aged as I am, when I doubt I ever was as a young tacker!)
And now it's the weekend!  Hurrah!



Claire said...

I can't remember exactly how I found your blog, I think either through a search or another blog. It was before the great ideas started, but I must say I'm definitely coming back more often now that they have started being posted. I just made up some bookmarks of my own yesterday!

Anne Robinson said...

I have been telling everyone I know about your great blog - fantastic ideas for school libraries. I have my own school library website - Library Online and my own blog - The Librain. Thanks for sharing your brilliant work.