Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good ideas for school libraries: 16. Cinema posters

I've mentioned cinema posters for the library before.  Take a squizz at these:
The brick in this area is, like all the library, undistinguished (and that's being polite), and the wall behind is institutional cream.  This wall rises the height of the library (ground floor + mezzanine + upstairs) and so you need something very big to have impact.  There's also impact from the repetition (not many films offer this possibility, but some do have several posters rather than one).  These didn't cost a lot, but are working hard to make the library space more interesting, give the kids another thing to look at.  These are vinyl/plasticised on the front and paper on the back, so not quite as durable as all vinyl, but still a lot better than paper.  Whatever your opinion of the film, they're also a patriotic note above our history and geography section.
What you need: as said before, keep an eye out at cinemas and video shops.  Ask.  Tell them you're a teacher librarian and you want to make children's lives happy and beautiful.


Marnie said...

Another brilliant idea- can I ask what the dimensions are for these posters? Am trying to source Twilight ones, but they all seem kind of small.

Ruth Buchanan said...

Thanks, Marnie! I can't get the actual dimensions right now, but these are promotional posters from the cinema, so they're LARGE. Not sure where you'd source them but from a cinema - maybe they did something similar with the DVD release and a video shop might be a source to explore?