Monday, March 30, 2009

Good ideas for school libraries: 15. Playing with paint chips

Dream big.  Play with paint chips.  Imagine what might be possible.  I won't tell you where these are for yet...but one day I hope you'll look at this blog and go AHA! as you see pictures of what I am currently imagining.  They are, from left to right, light olive, chartreuse, purple-blue, orange and a dirty apricot.
The great thing about paint, however, is how cheap it is and how much it can achieve.
What you need: a hardware store, and probably some plans to put your case.  Take some pictures of dreary before, and have some images of thrilling after.  Time to prepare the surface and to paint.  Maybe some extra willing hands.  Everything you'd expect, and the possibility of something special to come.


cathyinoz said...

Just dropped over from the OZTL_NET to see the trailer of Where the Wild Things are and wanted to let you know what a great blog you have. Have thoroughly enjoyed ideas and wonderful photos. I'll be back =)

thanks for sharing.

Ruth Buchanan said...

Thanks, Cathy!