Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Twilight film: Australian release date

UPDATE: read more here (CLICK), but the Australian release date has moved up to 11 December 2008.

For Australian fans, the date on the trailer (12 December 2008) isn't going to be the Australian release date, at least based on the current information.  Their date for the Twilight film's Australian release is 9 January 2009. 

There will be some sad faces at having to wait an extra month for their fix...Still, we had an exchange student from Finland with us this year who is a huge fan - and the film isn't scheduled for release there till 13 February 2009 - that will be an even sadder face.

Maybe the imminent release of Breaking Dawn will distract them for a little while.  We've got a loooong reserve list for that one - and the first name started the list months ago.  Just hope the first few are fast readers...


Anonymous said...

is it still the same ?
eve though the U.S date has been moved forward 3 weeks ??

Ms B. said...

I've not heard of a change for Oz yet, but see my update entry here for more info/link.