Wednesday, July 2, 2008

TinyURL could change your life...

Maybe you know about TinyURL (

Ah, but do all your staff?

After watching one too many teachers reeling off long URLs to students, TinyURL was one of the useful websites I shared at a staff meeting this week. 

For those who don't know TinyURL, it converts a long URL to a short one: (and the link works forever - ie. it's not time-limited).

In the context of a busy classroom, how much better is it to reel off six characters?  Not that I'm slow or nuffin, but it occurred to me that if we can train the kids here to expect a tinyURL we can speed up the time it takes for them to land on the site and start wrangling it, rather than the dawdle of hunt-and-peck typing and possible spelling errors in typing the URL losing more time.

From the staff feedback I've had, this was considered a particularly useful 'share' from the presentation.  Good!  (And a good lesson for me in not assuming 'well known' websites are - this one was among the top ones in the recent Time survey I blogged about a little while ago).

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