Friday, September 5, 2008

Twilight film - Australian release date update; updated teaser trailers; Midnight Sun

According the the Internet Movie Database page on Twilight, the Australian release date for the film has been moved forward to 11 December 2008.  (And will that cause HaPpY dAnCeS among some fanlets I know?  Oh yes!)

MovieJungle has updated teaser trailers of the film here.  That page also has links to interviews with various people associated with the film.

A partial draft of Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edwards point of view) was released virally on the net (breaching copyright).  Stephenie Meyer has now made that draft available online at her site here, and has abandoned any publication plans for this indefinitely.  There's a statement about it on her site.  She also has a FAQ for Breaking Dawn here (many spoilers, so be aware of this if you haven't read the book).


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