Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Twilight video

Yup, still on hols, but here's a Barnes and Noble video book program about Twilight and Stephenie Meyer, featuring booksellers and fans, ahead of the release of Breaking Dawn.  It's the edition of 14 July 2008 if you go to the link and find a later program (search back to find the right one).


I've found a bunch of useful stuff to blog about next term, so entries will start again on Monday coming.

There are a number of blog entries about Twilight, Twilightery and so forth on this blog - I don't have a separate tag for it, but you can search the blog with the search box top left using Twilight as your search term to find these entries.  Didn't imagine just how the entries would pile up...  The video program says the print run of Breaking Dawn is over three million...

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