Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Day ideas for your library

Click on the link below for some Valentine's day ideas from our library in words and pictures.  I like Valentine's as a start of year theme because it's friendly and happy for our new kids (esp. Year 7).  Our SRC or Year 12 also use it for fundraising, so our displays support/promote that too.

The banners are back,

the posters are up (printed on reds and pinks this year),

Please note this is my original and copyright wording.  You're welcome to use it in your library, but it's not for commercial use.  Copyright © Ruth Buchanan 2009.
our entrance ceiling is awash with hearts

and the bookmarks are going out the door with every loan. 

I have some pink heart-shaped post-it notes and ideas about using them...more on that another time.  Oh, and our bookcase is loaded up with pinks and reds (which includes adventure books and so forth, not just love stories or girl-oriented stories).

Read all about these ideas at the links you'll find here:



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