Monday, February 28, 2011

Need to Want: brilliant flashcards

One of my most consistently useful Twitter contacts is @brainpicker.  I'm often bookmarking links from those tweets.  The associated blog, Brain Pickings, is also worth delving through for gems, ideas, inspiration.  For example, this entry on Erin Hanson's Need to Want series.
I enjoyed Brain Pickings' analysis of these.

The ones I've chosen for here are the ones that most caught my attention as being of use for the study skills program I'm doing for Year 11 this term.

It's not what the kids will expect: always a good way to grab their attention and get them learning in spite of themselves.  I suspect this next one won't be the most popular with them, though.

Find the whole set here (source of these images), and the philosophy informing it:

And can buy prints of these from the artist at her online shop here.  (if you can't see the one you want, convo her (that's Etsyspeak for contact via Etsy email)).


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