Monday, February 7, 2011

GIFSL teaser: what's this for?

Just why did I utter little cries of joy and invest in this fabric at Ikea (it's one colourway/design of Monalis, item no 70175082) to the tune of 5 metres @ $9.99/metre? For my school library?

The colours are perfect!  Look, bird houses, and subtle pink birds, and tree trunks!  Squeee!

Guesses in the comments welcome! (I'll answer, and show you, soon...)




Anonymous said...

Beginning of Autumn? Earth Hour display? Don't know! Alison

Kateri said...

I'm betting on wood theme thing - I reckon it would be a nice background to either school garden bits (even better if you cans ee the school garden)or a backdrop for some re-worked fairy stories.