Monday, February 21, 2011

Film trailer: I Am Number Four

Exciting a certain amount of interest among the kids is the book I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore (Pittacus Lore is the pseudonym for the writing duo James Frey (author of "A Million Little Pieces") and Jobie Hughes).  The film which was in previews in Sydney cinemas this weekend might have had something to do with it.... I've put a couple of articles from Empire magazine and elsewhere (there was a whole page in last Friday's SMH Metro section)  in our display cabinet by the stairs, and a number of the kids have stopped, read, and asked for the book (it's now got a waiting list). 

I've been using the trailer as one of several in a lesson about adventures that I've been doing with Year 8 English, and it's one that gets their attention:

YouTube link:

Neither Roger Ebert nor the New York Times reviewer think particularly highly of the film (click on those links to go to the reviews) but that is unlikely to dampen enthusiasm....

The film stars Alex Pettyfer, who also stars in the remake of Beauty and the Beast, Beastly, based on the book by Alex Flinn (click on that link to my blog entry about Beastly; the release date of Beastly has apparently been delayed to see if Alex Pettyfer's performance in I Am Number Four can up the box office appeal of Beastly. still shows no Australian release date for Beastly; its US date is 4 March, hard on the heels of I am Number Four).  Beastly official site: click here.

The I Am Number Four book's publishers are keen to set it up as a series with a following: there is an 'official home' (click here)  and it has also generated at least one fansite.  Find the official film site by clicking here.



I am Number Four sourced from the NYTimes review linked above. Beastly film poster from, linked above.

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