Friday, July 31, 2009

The happy life of teacher librarians: Pollyanna

It's a long time since I read Pollyanna, but when I was thinking about this blog entry, it came to mind.  In particular, her 'glad game'.  Do you remember her glad game?  Faced with a grim life in a grim aunt's house, she looked for the sunny side in everything.  Not a bad half-full glass philosophy, but even as a kid, when I reached the bit where she was fraffly cheerful that she was given crutches in a charity bundle, cheerful/glad because she DIDN'T need them, I think I did twitch and feel momentarily queasy....

Anyway, during the recent holidays, when we were absent, the library appears to have had some visitors.  Four legged.  Judging by the size of their mementoes, they're either extremely uncomfortable mice or rather small possums.  So we think a rat or two, maybe.  Given that the school's in a semi-rural area, mostly surrounded by paddocks, wildlife can happen.  But it's not what we like.  So some baits were laid.

The school was built in the 1970s, when the Department of Education laid durable mid green lino and durable mid green carpet.  And here's the glad game, coming at you....

...when Templeton (actually no, I wouldn't want to be killing off Templeton, because he did help Wilbur and Charlotte) - when Monsieur Rat went scuttling about in our lino-floored tea area, he found the baits.  They're green, too.  So hey, on the downside, we've got a rat (until the baits work), but oh glad oh happy, the baits are those mementoes, reflecting the scientific principle that what goes in must come out, are also greenish, and blend in with the lino....!! 

The glass is half full! (and will stay that way, unless Monsieur Rat, who's probably feeling rather unwell round about now, crawls into a wall cavity before expiring.  If he does that, his memory won't be green, but it will be With Us for some time, at least until the corpse has disintegrated sufficiently...) (it's happened before, and it takes longer than you would wish).

Ah, the happy life of teacher librarians.  You don't have to notice the rat poo unless you choose to do so!  Green is good!



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