Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DIY inservice on culling/weeding

The CREW method - Continuous Review, Evaluation and Weeding - is one way to keep your collection current, your shelves appealing and your library effective.  If it's a while since you thought in depth about your collection development procedures in relation to weeding - or if you just want an update - then try the CREW: A Weeding Manual for Libraries.  Bunch of good ideas there to think about and apply in your library.  I've been culling away at our collection this last while, and the shelves look the better for it.

Shane at Bundy High had some good thoughts about culling recently - read more here.

Cheers, Ruth

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Shane Symonds said...

What a fantastic resource, Ruth (the CREW document) and many thanks for the link to it and the link back to my post. Much of what was written fits in with my own views though I am still working my way through the "ugly" parts of our collection! Regards, Shane