Thursday, July 9, 2009

The happy life of teacher librarians: what sort of a teacher librarian do you think I am?

A bright faced year seven boy brandishes the latest Skulduggery Pleasant book (book 3) at me: "Miss, this was SO GOOD I've just finished it and I've started reading it all over again!"

Ah, the happy life of teacher librarians.

Later that day, a year 9 girl comes in during an afternoon class time.  "Miss, do you have the second book in the Private series?"  We establish it's by Kate Brian, and that we only have book 1.  A small amount of googling and amazoning establishes that there are nine more. 

"NINE?" I say in mock horror. 

"That's great," she says enthusiastically.  "You'll need to get the rest then, Miss, won't you?"

"What sort of teacher librarian do you think  I am, a sucker who will buy eight more books for you?"

She is unperturbed by my tone and says cheerfully, grinning at me, "Yes, Miss, of course you're one of those."

"You're an expensive reader, you are," I mutter as I ring up my favourite local independent bookshop, and put them on speakerphone.  Yes, they can get me the rest of the series.  "X thinks we need all of them," I say glumly. 

The bookseller, having also picked up the tone of this conversation, says, "We love X."

"Love you too," says X, and I hang up.  "When will they be in?" she enquires.

"Come and see me next term." I write out a post it note for my Reservations noticeboard, with her name and the series name.

"Thanks, Miss!  That's great!  I love it that you'll buy any book I want."

"I'm not quite sure it works exactly like that..."

"It did today!"

To tide her over, we find Moby Clique, and a couple more, and she heads off well pleased with her visit to the library.

The happy life of teacher librarians: being a sucker may not be a bad thing....

Cheers, Ruth

PS. They weren't vastly expensive books, I should add - will cost under $100, I think.  And I was fortunate to receive some funds from the P&C earlier this term.  Sometimes I couldn't do this quite as lavishly, but when you can...  I'd only bought the first in the series to suss out how popular it was, and it's finding friends...


Fiona said...

Oooooh - I want to be your type of teacher librarian :) but I wonder if I'll have the budget for it?!?

Shane Symonds said...

Great tale, Ruth, and I have similar experiences regularly. I have no problem justifying the money spent to make one student happy, as that one person will inevitably lead to more...Regards, Shane