Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The happy life of teacher librarians: shoes off...

We've been working on making the library more comfortable, with the reading lounge and floor cushions (as previously blogged).

Side effect?

In comes a class, they settle in corners and on the floor with cushions.

And for some, off come the shoes (not because we've told them to do this).

It's lovely, as a sign of them being comfortable.  Maybe it's partly a habit from home, take your shoes off before you sit on the sofa.  We do have a feet-off policy on the soft chairs etc, to have room for more kids and so grubby shoes don't cause extra cleaning.... but it is also a measure of success (as is their quiet absorption once they settle to read, the kids you can see who are getting lost in their reading).  It's happening a lot more than it did, before the floor cushions and reading lounge.

...but as the kids tumble in, and settle to read, you kinda sorta hope that it wasn't a particularly energetic PE prac lesson they had last period.... you know? (she grins).

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