Friday, May 29, 2009

Reading Worldwide

reading worldwide
Reading Worldwide is about the actions, programs and campaigns carried out around the world to promote reading and is an overview of reading initiatives, projects and models.  Established in Germany (and with a version in English), it's a valuable online resource - here's the section about programs targeted at youth, for example.  I haven't finished hunting through it yet - do leave a comment about any of your good discoveries on this site.
Cheers, Ruth
Source: I learned about this from Read Alert, the blog of the Centre for Youth Literature in Victoria.  It's over there in the blogroll, and worth reading regularly.


Fiona said...

Hi Ruth!
I am studying a MEdTL at CSU and follow your blog. For an assignment I am going mention Skerricks, how much I enjoy reading it, and how much I admire you. I hope that's alright! I have a fledgling blog that you're welcome to visit anytime

Shane Symonds said...

Ruth: Thanks for reminding me about the Babette Cole book. I will hunt it down as well as the other one as I go about rebuilding our picture book collection. I had the Cole in another library, it was great!

Thanks again for the inspiration! Shane