Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The happy life of teacher librarians

They had asked me to get in the Warriors series, with cat heroes.  Two Year 7 girls, bright eyed and bushy tailed as is part of the fun of Year 7 kids.  Sure, I'd said, and bought the six in the first series (noting that I hadn't, by any means, exhausted what they might ask me to buy, if I had the budget for it...).  They were delighted when the books were ready for them, but worried about being able to read them all before anyone else borrowed them.  What, I said, if one of you borrows 1/3/5 and the other borrows 2/4/6, and then you can swap them and renew them till you're both all through?  Yes! they said, gleefully happy.
They came in today to do a renew/swap.  As is my habit, after stamping the book I reached for a bookmark from the pot on the borrowing desk.  As I've blogged about before, we always have bookmarks, and add one to each loan - usually made with Microsoft Publisher, printed on coloured cardboard, reflecting a variety of themes/seasons (holiday borrowing, ANZAC Day, Halloween - whatever we're using to promote reading at the time).  It's 'bookmark diplomacy', a small helpful gesture that represents our library philosophy, the help we offer freely.

"Oh no, Miss, I don't want a bookmark."
"Oh," I said, a tad disappointed.
"Because I already have one," she said.
"We've just put new ones out.."
"We know, Miss.  We came in this morning and got one of each of them."
"Oh yes, we love them, Miss.  We collect them.  We have one of EVERY one from the whole year so far, you know."
I didn't.  But wasn't that a lovely moment in the happy life of teacher librarians?
Cheers, Ruth


MissLibrarian said...

I have just received my order for two bookmarks holders for my desk. Once the library opens I will let you know how they go.

Shane Symonds said...

I have taken note of your ideas re bookmarks and when I get time (!), I will act on them. Such a simple but highly effective idea.

A lovely story, to boot! Well done. Like you, I am sure, it is these little moments which make it all worthwhile. Nice one, Ruth.

Momo said...

I love your blog so much and your little story about the bookmark girls and their collection made me feel quite emotional. We all do so many little things like this and can have no idea of there impact on others.

You regularly inspire me to try harder and to stay enthusiastic and to try new things - thanks...