Friday, May 22, 2009

The happy life of teacher librarians: the awesomer episode

A year 7 class came in earlier today for wide reading, to browse and borrow.  They happen to have two English periods today.

"Miss," said one boy to their English teacher, "are we coming to the library next period too?"

"We're going to read in class," she replied.

"Miss, can we come to the library?  It's awesomer.  Much better place to read in than our classroom."

"Sure," said the lovely English teacher, and I helpfully handed the boy the booking sheet to give his teacher so she could write them in (while trying not to grin too happily).

This period just finished, they came back.  We had two classes in for browsing/borrowing/reading.  The reading retreat (as previously blogged) was full of lounging teenagers reading, and the book-strewn tables upstairs in fiction look thoroughly ratted through (and quite a few of the books I put there are now borrowed), the clear acrylic book holders on the end of the shelves are gap-toothed empty....

...another episode in the happy life of teacher librarians. (Previous blog entries have shown you the book-strewn tables and acrylic book holders too - GIFSL/Good Ideas for School Libraries).
(And now I hope I can have lunch!) (Isn't awesomer a great word, when it's applied to something you're responsible for??!)
Cheers, Ruth
PS. I've just read a whole lot of recent comments - thank you so much to each one who's taken time to let me know what's useful to you, and for your kind responses.  Very much appreciated!


Lynda said...

Hello Ruth
your site is absolutely 'awesomer' and since reading it in the last week or so I've just loved it.
Have already put into practice your acrylic book holders on the end of shelf ideas. Thank you!!

Just loving the way you live life in the Library. We have boys at our school too (or should I say, 'octopuses'???)

Thanks for sharing, it is truly wonderful.
Lynda (Melbourne)
My blog:

Ruth Buchanan said...

Thanks, Lynda! I've enjoyed reading your blog, too, and picking up ideas.

It's good when work is amusing!