Friday, July 30, 2010

Australian Museum: resources for education

While toddling about the Australian Museum site being gobsmacked by science photography, I thought I'd locate a couple more useful links to pop on the blog.

The Education Services site has a bunch of possibilities to explore, including videoconferencing, teacher previews/talks, competitions and more.

The Collections section is the gateway to exploring an extensive number of options, including biodiversity, natural science collections, interactive science activities, cultural collections and more.

Minerals and fossils
Cultures (including Australian Aboriginal  and Ancient Egyptian material)

Worth sharing with your Science staff, Society and Culture teachers, Aboriginal committee/liaison group/Aboriginal studies teachers, History teachers and others.  You don't have to be in Sydney or NSW to make use of many of the resources on the site.



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Lynda Kelly said...

Thanks for posting this Ruth and really pleased you like the Museum's site. We put lots of thought into it so it's great to get good feedback.

Your blog is nice too by the way!