Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Official movie site: Tomorrow When the War Began

The official site for the film of Tomorrow When the War Began, based on the excellent book series by John Marsden, has just been launched.  Find it here:

How does the website fit in with the film's marketing: “Our goal was to engage the current fan base of the John Marsden novels and create a truly engaging interactive site that could feed their appetite for content and broaden our audience leading into the film’s release. Tequila understood our vision to interact, engage and create a site that fits with international standards”, said Cate Smith, Marketing Director Paramount Pictures Australia.

“Extending the narrative into the interactive space is really where we see the future of entertainment marketing. It’s a real privilege to work with like-minded people when working on projects like this,” said Russ Tucker, Tequila’s Creative Director. (source)

43 days left before the film premieres...



...about to toddle off and work with Year 7 on a biography assignment we've called: Who Are They? And Why Should I Care?  Invented it for one class and the good news spread - today's will be the third class to do it.  Woo hoo!  The kids don't do another Powerpoint? groan!, but instead have set requirements including a model related to their person.  Much more fun.

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