Monday, August 2, 2010

The happy life of teacher librarians: take the compliments when they come...

I meant to post this last term, saved the draft and somehow life got in the way... so here's a chuckle from the end of last term.

In the last week of term 2, my school has "Spirit Week", which involves a variety of extra events: morning tea for senior citizens, concerts for the senior citizens and local primary school students, a disco for the kids, raising money for charities (chosen by the kids), Jump Rope for Heart, Motivational Media

Four days have clothing 'themes', so on Monday I wore 'school uniform' (my year adviser school jersey, the correct colour skirt and black shoes - it was very hard to spot other teaching colleagues among the throng, but boy oh boy the kids were like meerkats trying to catch out teachers 'not in full uniform' and asking if you had a note if you were out of uniform!).  On Wednesday, Pyjama Day, I took a teddy bear but wore civvies, as I had to go somewhere straight after school (and really really didn't want to totter around school all day in ugh boots and flannel jarmies). 

Yesterday was "Hippies and Heroes".  I studied my wardrobe, and in the morning put on an outfit including RM Williams elastic-sided boots, a Drizabone short coat and an Akubra hat.  All Australian clothing icons, popular with rural folk, like, say, farmers (worthy heroes, the men and women on the land, no?).

Tossing on the hat and coat in the school carpark, I added a Buchanan tartan scarf (lairy colours, it must be admitted) as the morning was a tad on the chilly side.  There have been some beautiful frosts on the way to school this week (it hasn't been cold/wet enough for black ice, which is rare anyway, so one can admire frost without fretting).

Near the library door, some of the Supernova/scifi/manga/graphic novel crowd (who have spent endless hours since that wondrous event telling me all about it, showing me their loot, telling me even more about it, showing me photos of the loot they can't bring into school...) erupted in whoops of joy.


Ah.  Right.  "Thank you.  Thank you ver' much.  HowEVER did you guess?"

(Tom Baker, I presume...)

The happy life of teacher librarians: take the compliments when they come...



PS Today's theme is Where's Wally.  Requested garb: red and white, one/other/both/stripes.  Tricky.  But it worked better than you might have expected.

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Silky said...

I wonder about some of our students' fantasy heroes too - I went to school dressed as The Wicked Witch of the West (including pea green face) only to be greeted with the questions- are you The Hulk or Shrek???
(Note to self - must lose weight).
Sigh! Marion