Friday, February 12, 2010

USBstick/flash drive bracelet & hub (but cute)

A flash drive/nerd necklace/USB storage stick, call it what you will, has become pretty much essential to everyday work, hasn't it?  If you're not the nerd necklace sort, or all your work outfits don't boast pockets, or you don't carry about one of those HUGE teacher lanyard+keys+flash drive bundles, another option is a silicon bracelet USB stick/flash drive.  Smiggle has them, in bright colours or sober black (on which you could use a black texta to make the brand name disappear, if you wish).

You can buy them online here or at Smiggle shops.  They are only 2GB for $24.95; but that's enough for daily working, and the convenience factor is part of what you're buying - I know some of my flash drives have had tiny lids, very easy to lose .  An idea for kids, too (and don't forget to remind them that the only copy of their brilliant work shouldn't be on a flash drive and nowhere else - they are transit devices, not permanent storage).

The other Smiggle electronic item which combines cute with useful is their hub.  Most USB hubs are drably functional.  How about a turtle hub?

$19.95.  Buy them online here, or also at a Smiggle shop.



PS. This is not a paid editorial. 

PPS. You can blame the gadget gene that runs in my family.

PPPS. Also that I am bored with trying not to lose tiny flash drive lids from cheap flash drives.  I know, I should get the ones with attached/swivelling lids.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

You do realise we are (allegedly) too old to be in love with Smiggle?

Ruth Buchanan said...

Dear Shopping Sherpa,

(this is said with the greatest respect, of course)


yours sincerely,