Monday, February 22, 2010

The happy life of teacher librarians: working in a castle

One of the teachers brought her primary age son to school today for a couple of periods, one of those in the library.  This library.  Only it isn't a library.  He told me, with big eyes, having read a Where's Wally book, sat on a sofa (with a happy sigh of relaxation) and explored all three levels (not disturbing others, he was very good)...

this is a castle!

So, I work in a castle.  Lucky me!  Just one day in the happy life of teacher librarians - always fun to get a kid's eye view (he's looking forward to returning).



PS. If you don't know the book by Libby Gleeson, Uncle David, it has kinda this storyline and is rather charming. 


Momo said...

How lovely to have your little visitor. I can just imagine him curled up with his Where's Wally in your special castle. My library is up 20 stairs and I sometimes feel so exhausted going up and down collecting kids... from tomorrow I will tell them we are going to the library castle! I feel renewed already!

Ruth Buchanan said...

Thanks for such a lovely comment! I blog things like this because I want to remember, and sometimes the day/s whizz by and you it's great to know they are being useful to others, too. Cheers, Ruth