Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Temeraire book 6: Tongues of Serpents (+ extra links)

image from amazon.com
Here's the US Del Rey hardback cover for Temeraire book 6, Tongues of Serpents, by Naomi Novik.  Release date is July 2010.  I haven't yet found an image of the UK cover online (I will admit a sneaking preference for the mainly black/white UK covers, for their graphic impact and woodcutty charm).

It's not just me; I've infected (ha!) a goodly number of our readers with Temeraire enthusiasm, so there will be a queue for this one when it comes out.

The HarperCollins UK website summary at present doesn't add much to what is already known - Laurence and Temeraire are found guilty of treason and deported to Australia to start a new life and have many new adventures.  If you look at the official Temeraire website, however, you can find an extract from the book here.  I'm always a bit conflicted about reading extracts before publication - sometimes I do, sometimes I regret it, sometimes I just steer clear and wait to have the whole book.

If you try the search term "temeraire" on my blog (use the search window top left) you'll find other entries about the books and the film (now slated for 2011, but it looks to be early days in production terms, so I wouldn't hold my breath...).

There is a fan-maintained Temeraire Wiki.

If you'd like to entertain yourself (or your kids) with a live webchat between two excellent authors, Suvudu has Naomi Novik and Scott Westerfeld conversing here.

See? There's Skerricks for you - not just the basic poop, but a couple of extras too!!



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Anonymous said...

They have made the UK cover and its up on Naomi Noviks facebook Fan Page.