Thursday, February 25, 2010

GIFSL* 49: Winter Olympics 2010

Following on from Valentine's Day, our next theme for bookmarks and entry and banners relates to the current Vancouver Winter Olympics.

The banners were ones we had made last year; they suit the winter idea, but we used them before and will use them again because the design on the fabric is intriguing, somewhat surreal, full of stories.  For the Winter Olympic thing, it has snowy mountains, and the cool blueness - but these banners are definitely getting other outings.  The fabric is Annamoa in blue, from Ikea.  Some mad crazy fabulous illustrations on the various colours in that range (each colourway has different illustrations on it).

The world time clocks in the foyer include Vancouver time.

On the noticeboard behind the desk, we feature (rather plainly, but you cain't do everything spiffing all the time) the Olympic motto and a quote from Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games, along with the Vancover logo.

And there you have, in some respects, why I've used the Games; the ideal of doing your best, and the idea of doing, the attempt being more important than the win.  Not a bad idea to promote.

The bookmarks feature these two quotes and the Olympic rings, and golly gee, nothing about Vancouver 2010 specifically - so I'll be able to roll 'em out next Olympics.  Economy of effort!  As usual, printed on coloured cardboard - red, blue, yellow, green and white - reflecting the colours of the Olympic rings (in the case of the last one, the black on the white, which is vastly cheaper to do than the reverse!)

Hey, did you notice the allusion to the Olympic rings on the bookcase?

The top shelves?  Colours are in the right order, too.  Aren't coloured spines handy for decor???  Just yesterday I had some lovely junior girls say how they liked the Olympic rings on the bookshelves (they spotted it without prompting), and how the library has different themes and always looks nice.  Which was lovely to hear, since we do it for them.

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*GIFSL: Good ideas for school libraries

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