Monday, November 16, 2009

Work Experience

We have a work experience Year 10 student this week.  I remember a rotten work experience experience at a local library when I was in Year 10, so I don't want this to be the same for this student (he's interested in librarian rather than teacher librarian work, but things couldn't be squared with the local/TAFE/uni libraries, so he's come here).  Already we've scooted over basic loans/returns, the gist of stocktake (which we aren't doing yet, but it came up in conversation), library philosophy (eg. the Darien Statements), book banning and the big question: if he's after a forty year career in libraries, will they last that long? (and all the associated interesting why/why nots, in this digital age of Googling, Google Books and so forth).
It's taking up some time - not something I'd want to accommodate every week - but it's also good in that it's making me articulate various library things I may otherwise just think about, and giving input to me from what he sees and thinks and wonders about libraries.  This morning he wrote me a few paragraphs about libraries - why he wants to work in them, what he sees as their purpose, etc - and I'll get him to write about the same topics again at week's end, hoping that I'll have expanded his ideas and understanding in that time.


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